Kirkland Aero Group sources Beechcraft Premiers worldwide, we help you identify the best values available for these great aircraft.


How We Add Value

Save time and money by utilizing some or all of our services! Through the following steps, Eddie will help you find and acquire the Beechcraft Premier Jet 1/1A to meet your needs:

  • Complete a business travel profile based on your company objectives, travel patterns and unique needs
  • Locate Beechcraft Premiers worldwide that are available for purchase, even before they are listed on the open market
  • Complete pre-purchase aircraft evaluations
  • Analyze log book and maintenance records
  • Provide comparable aircraft and market evaluations
  • Examine both short- and long-term financial implications, including upcoming inspections, service bulletins and projected resale values
  • Provide guidance regarding price negotiations
  • Coordinate Delivery, registration and regulatory requirements, for the aircraft to enter service
  • Initial Operating Experience (IOE) and Supervised Operating Experience (SOE) pilot mentoring
  • SIC Type Ratings
  • Provide ProLine 21 Avionics instruction
  • Provide short and long term operating budgets
  • Provide ongoing compliance monitoring and management services as needed
  • Assistance in recruiting full time crew members or provide pilot services as needed

Why Choose Kirkland Aero Group


“Finding and purchasing a private jet can be overwhelming. I will be with you and your organization every step of the way and my job is not complete until you have acquired the perfect aircraft to meet your needs.”

— Eddie Kirkland

  • Not only is Eddie an active corporate contract pilot who is qualified to audit and manage flight departments, he also has more than 30 years of business management experience as an entrepreneur. So unlike other consultants, he understands the business aviation needs of you and/or your corporation as they relate to your bottom line.

    Meet Eddie