Acquiring a business aircraft is complex and requires important planning, but Kirkland Aero Group can assist throughout the process. We help both individuals and companies to save time and money, analyzing needs and ensuring goals are met.

Considering Business Aviation?

Through business aviation, your organization can begin to realize the benefits of:

  • Increased productivity and better use of time.
  • Increased operational flexibility and shorter response times.
  • Increased confidentiality and security.
  • 35+ Years Business Experience
  • 30+ Years Aviation Knowledge
  • Accredited IS-BAO Auditors
  • Certified Aviation Manager

We Can Help You Get Started

With decades of business experience and aviation knowledge, business aviation advisor, Eddie Kirkland of Kirkland Aero Group, is uniquely positioned to help individuals and corporations who are new to business aviation. Eddie and our team will work with you to develop a plan that is right for your organization.

  • Kirkland Aero Group will create a budget and outline all costs.
  • We will evaluate all options and providers, including aircraft ownership, aircraft partnerships, charter and fractional ownership, as well as the costs of each.
  • If aircraft ownership is best for your organization, we will identify the type of aircraft and work with you throughout the purchase and implementation process.
  • Kirkland Aero Group can recruit permanent staff for your flight department or help with temporary or interim staffing.
  • We will determine the proper ownership entity and operating agreements to maximize tax benefits and maintain regulatory compliance.

Did you know?

  • image description


    S&P 500 Companies Use Business Aviation

  • image description


    More Revenue Growth by Business Aircraft Users

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    Outperformance by S&P 500 Business Aviation Users Compared to Non-Users


* Statistics from studies conducted by NEXA Advisors – “Business Aviation and Top Performing Companies 2017 – S&P 500 Companies: Using Business Aircraft to Create Enterprise Value”